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Posted on Mar 6, 2022


I like the design - a jar of hard plastic in dark blue, opaque. It took a long time to peel off the lid from a hard transparent film, obviously no one had opened it before me. There was also a protective membrane under the lid, which is also not easy to open, but it came off the package completely, and not partially. In general, there is an opener in the lid, but I just discovered it (more precisely, I remembered it) when there was one vitamin left at the bottom). It's just smaller than the neck, and it's difficult to open. And in addition to vitamins, there was also cotton wool with such a thing that removes moisture. Vitamins are easier to get from the neck, maybe this is wrong. I left cotton wool just in case, and I didn’t throw this thing away either. The jar itself is quite large, most of it is filled with air and cotton wool) Capsules, as already mentioned, they are vegetarian. Outwardly yellow, but in fact the capsule is transparent, but the powder inside - just has the color that we see. The capsules are light and soft. Easy to swallow, you can immediately 2 pieces) The size is impressive, but it does not say anything). The capsules taste quite edible, but the smell surprised me. Usually it is a straight vitamin aroma, but here it is mixed with something else, as if bitter-sharp seasonings were applied. If you close your eyes, I still remember the "aroma", but I took them just the same with my nose closed). Minimum discomfort.
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