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October 19 2020

iHerb Announces 100% Employer Paid Monthly Medical Premiums

 Pasadena, California, October 19, 2020. iHerb, a global leader in health and beauty e-commerce, announced another bold move to further demonstrate their leadership and commitment to health and well being by introducing a 100% employer-paid monthly medical premiums for all eligible employees. 

With the launch of iHerb’s Purpose and Shared Values, iHerb wanted to empower their team members to enhance their health, happiness and well-being. As a result, starting in 2021, iHerb is thrilled to announce that it will cover 100% of the monthly medical premium cost for their eligible team members and families.

“When we were told that premiums for medical benefits would increase, I understood it could bring another burden to an already tumultuous year. However, we were determined to secure a lower rate. When we did, it was still over current rates,” says iHerb President Emun Zabihi. “When we thought of the dedication the iHerb team continues to display, we decided not only to absorb the cost increase but to switch to a fully employer-paid medical plan.”

iHerb joins a very small, select group of companies that offer 100% employer-paid medical premiums placing them in the forefront of the industry and continues to make iHerb a major competitor in the marketplace. iHerb is committed to all their employees' well-being and will continue to introduce bold and disruptive initiatives that align with their Purpose and Shared Values.

About iHerb: iHerb is one of the largest US-based e-commerce retailers offering 30,000 products from 1,200 top brands to millions of customers around the world. iHerb ships directly from GMP certified, state-of-the-art climate controlled warehouses to customers in 188 countries and territories. Since 1996, iHerb has continued to innovate in bringing the highest quality products, at the best possible value, delivered with the most convenient customer experience.

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