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May 7 2018

CSAT Results for iHerb

iHerb was ranked the #1 brand for customer satisfaction in an online survey published by the Research center for Distribution at Hanyang.

The survey asked participants to review the prices, benefits, diversity, quality of the product, user order environment, shipping and services of 70 online brands.

The results showed the top reasons for purchasing products directly from iHerb compared to other shopping channels were 'lower price' (62%), 'better product quality' (23%), and 'diversity of products' (53%).

A reported reason for recommending iHerb was that customers can purchase high-quality natural health products at a low price. The most purchased items from iHerb by survey subjects were health products, food, and household goods. It was found that the most satisfying part of the iHerb shopping experience was the convenience of price and payment.

To celebrate these positive survey results iHerb offered customers in participating countries an exclusive sitewide promotion as well as free shipping.

"This promotion is to express our gratitude to Korean customers that recommended iHerb as a top-ranked brand for customer satisfaction," said Steve Cho, CMO of iHerb. "It is our responsibility to provide service beyond customers' expectation.' he continued, "iHerb returned over USD 5 million to Korean customers through its Rewards system and recommendation program. We will strive more to provide ranges of promotion and to add more value to high-quality product in a convenient shopping environment."

iHerb has grown exponentially since its founding in 1996, now providing over 1,200 brands and 30,000 products to customers in over 150 countries. iHerb’s commitment to delivering fresh quality products is reason enough to make it your number one choice.

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